Huong Tich Cave

Huong Tich is a nice cave and the centre part of Huong Son national tourism spot in My Duc district, Hanoi. Huong Tich cave is about 70km to the South West of Hanoi.

There is pagoda called Huong Tich Pagoda inside. From Giai Oan pagoda, visitors would cross the journey of 2.5km to come to Huong Tich cave. Many parts of the journey are tortuous, sloping and tough.

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Dai Binh Cave

This also called Than Binh (meaning is Army Deity). It was created on 2nd-Mar-the year of Goat (1991) by the idea of Mr. Nguyen Van Bao and Mr. Bui Van Xe. On the 6th of January, in the year of Fowl (1993), two people wrote the document to offer to the pagoda's managers, and it was merged into the ruins of the Buddhist Church.

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Cua Vong Temple

The temple is also known as Tran Song - Van Phong Temple was created by Master Bonze named Thanh Tich in 1908 based on a style, which is the self to hang the hammock - door to go through the mountain. In the front, there is a row of a mountain with the style of "the dragon kneels and looks at the moon".

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Thien Tru Pagoda

Thien Tru Pagoda is also called Tro Pagoda. Founded by Venerable Van Thuy Thien Thien Tran Dao Vien Quang, the pagoda was initially a small thatch. During the French Domination Period, the pagoda was destroyed. However, the Thien Tru Pagoda was reconstructed after 1954,

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Giai Oan Pagoda

Giai Oan Pagoda is located on the mountain's slopes and on the left side on the road to Huong Tich cave. It was built on the Long Tuyen mountain by an old bonze named Thong Dung on the reign of Le Thuan Tong King in 1735 based on the lunar calendar with the Name of a reign's years 4th Long Duc.

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